• Select a bat you can handle. Learn the strike zone – don’t swing at bad pitches.
  • Keep your front shoulder and chin tucked in, and your hands back.
  • Turn your head so that both eyes are on the pitcher – don’t look around your nose.
  • Stay on the balls of your feet – keep off your heels. Keep your head still.

In order to get the bat started, move your hands back slightly as the pitcher is getting ready to release the ball. If you like the pitch, go ahead and hit it. If you don’t like the pitch, then hold up your swing. Take a short step and stride – a long stride will only throw you off balance. Stay on top of the ball. A slight downward swing allows this and is a good way to keep from upper-cutting. Keeping the front shoulder in and down also allows a hitter to get the bat head out in front and prevents dropping the back shoulder. Learn to hit your strength. Every hitter has a strength just as every hitter has a weakness. Hit your pitch. When you get it, don’t let it get away. Concentrate on solid, hard contact.

Power Hitter 15 Training