The Bat


POWERHITTER15 is made with the latest polymer technology in the market

    • Our digital lathe technology will guarantee a bat at any specification of your choosing to ensure each customer has the exact feel they are looking for.
    • The polymer used to make the bats is essentially indestructible. This separates us from other weighted bats because there is no worry about having to break the product. If you buy one of our bats, we guarantee you will not need another one.

POWERHITTER15 is a weighted training bat made with a patented blend of reinforced polymers.

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POWERHITTER15 is made to last forever. It will not crack, break or dent under normal use

    • The bat Powerhitter15 is heavier than a regular bat and perfectly balanced to strengthen the forearms and create a cleaner and more efficient path to the baseball.
    • It will make players strengthen their wrists, forearms, and core as well as improve their hand eye coordination and exit velocity.
    • Players can use the Powerhitter15 for variety of training and hitting drills: Live batting practice, soft toss, tee work, One hand swings as well as warm up swings.

POWERHITTER15 is the only polymer weighted training bat  in the world.


PH15 will increase Players Exit Speed

After three months of training with PowerHitter15 weighted bat, these are some of the outcomes some of our customers have seen:

    • 45mph 59mph
    • 55mph 68mph
    • 65mph 79mph
    • 70mph 85mph
    • 75mph 89mph
    • 82mph 95mph

PH15 will help you take your power numbers to the next level. The numbers don’t lie.